The Plan

During my time in South America, more specific when I was visiting the National Park Torres del Paine and the massive glacier near El Calafate, I got thinking about extending my original six months of traveling.

Almost three years ago I stayed in New Zealand for my graduation and had an amazing time there. So why not fly over to NZ and Aussie afterwards? The only thing was that I would need to work somewhere to increase my budget. Since I am familiar in NZ I figured I could arrange a job there.

But, a few days after I booked my ticket to Auckland and Sydney from Santiago I received some information that made me change my plans drastically and return home.

Now, three months later I am going to continue with the original plan, this time probably without visiting NZ.

So far the introduction of the new plan. My old flat-mate Sebas has basicly the same plans as I have, travel Australia by bike (not all of it). So we talked about possibly combining our plans and after a while we came with the following global route.
Since we are both arriving in Sydney we plan to start there, do some touristy stuff and walk some tracks in the Blue Mountains. Then, drop down south along the coast, enjoying the beaches and the sharks. Somewhere between Sydney and Eden we will turn west and head for Adelaide. Adelaide is going to visited around the time of christmas and year, so that is where we will start our new year.! (already planned..!) Afterwards we need to head in the direction of Melbourne where we hope to see some things related to the Volvo Ocean race and the Australian Open.! In Melbourne Sebas and I will split up again since he will be flying into New Zealand and me continuing to Sydney, by whatever means.

So that is the plan and I do hope that we will encounter some moments that will last in our memory for ever...