The Introduction

So welcome again to my humble easy-looking website, this time I will try to tell the story of my next three months cycling in Australia.

For the people that haven't been reading during my last travel or just don't know me, the following... First of all who am I? That my name is Jochem seems quite obvious so I will not spend any further talk about that. My "homeland" is Holland or The Netherlands and for that reason I'm Dutch. Currently I am 24 years old and have graduated two studies, Engineering Physics and Engineering Management. The last one I finished the end of July 2004. Normally people tend to find a job and start working, from my youth on I have always enjoyed to travel around. So when I hit New Zealand during my graduation I hit a highlight in my travel experience. That experience made the urge to travel around our little world (yes little) only stronger. So that made me to go visit South America by bike. I travelled in short from Usuhaia, Argentina to Lima, Peru in six months. After which I returned home for three months due to family issues.
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I hope that you will enjoy reading the stories and viewing the foto's.
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